Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Futbol v'Falafel

Everyone at work is reading my blog. שלום לכולם שקורים זה מהבנק :)
Aside from that, I don't have much excting things to report. I went to a workshop on how to build better business webpages in Herzliyya. It was really really exciting because it's exactly the kind of thing I do-pick apart websites and also research businesses to see if they could be doing better (kind of like consulting, which I am also extremely interested in.) Although it was all day, I really felt like I got to know the people in my department, even though I met them all on Sunday, it was such a blur that I didn't retain too much, whereas now I feel much better about everything, and less overwhelmed. I am also starting to pick up on more Hebrew, and I even feel more confident just talking in Hebrew, even though I still have to think the phrase over in my head before I say it, just to make sure it sounds right. It's really amazing that I can just walk up to people on the street and speak to them and if not understand all of what they say, at least part of it. It might sound vain, but I feel really accomplished.

Yesterday, my roommates and I wandered all around the city, because we never try to stay at home in case we miss something. We went down to the beach to watch a soccer game on big screens that they put up at the beach and around the city because everyone is huge soccer fans in Israel, not like in America. It's really exciting because I feel like there's a bond with the people just watching soccer and cheering. It's kind of cheesy I know, but watching soccer under the stars last night was really good.

Tonight both of my roommates are gone, to meet friends/relatives, so I am just chilling out in the Internet cafe, but tomorrow I think I'm going somewhere with Elan, whom I met on the beach just randomly because he thought I was on Birthright since Batami and I were speaking English to each other. He is really nice. Don't worry, nothing bad is going to happen to me, for anyone who might be concerned (parents? Dan? Mer? Penn State?) and you can always call my cell phone.

Love everyone. :)

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