Thursday, July 13, 2006

Kav Ham

A kav ham is, literally, a hotline. Bank HaPoalim has set one up for customers in the North because four branches were closed. Our office was in a bit of a crisis because we deal with the web aspects of everything, so we were busy setting up stuff to facilitate information on the Internet and Dafna, who was supposed to have lunch with me, was overwhlemed trying to organize the details. It's ok though, some other day. Here are the resutls: I wish I could be doing something important like that, but today I only filled out more award forms. Not that it wasn't exciting for me, because we are under deadline, and I had to interview a woman who headlined the "Poalim on time" project and handled over 80 staff members on a very short deadline and budget. That was really cool. I feel like my English skills are coming in very handy.

Important stuff is going on. Here is part of an e-mail I wrote to my mom and Dan about it:

So, there's nothing much going on to report today. Mom, STOP FREAKING OUT. The stuff going on up north doesn't affect me at all. If you were here, you would know that it's true. The radio that's on at work doesn't play upbeat songs anymore. Thousands of hotel reservations because of birthright have been canceled on Army demands. I don't blame any of this, and I don't blame people around the world for being terrified, but unless you live in Nehariya or Maalot or any one of the towns near the border, it doesn't affect you. The only way it affects you is that family members are being called up in the draft. Talia was really upset yesterday is because her best friend had to go and she went to Kfar Saba to try and see him before he left. We went to see X-3 at the movie theater. I wasn't really in the mood for a movie. More like a "sit and contemplate" mood.

I don't feel right enjoying myself right now, and as I keep telling everyone, I wish there was something I could do. I feel so disgusting, like I'm just taking advantage of the State and not giving anything back. It's strange, but I don't feel like I owe America anything, but like I owe Israel a lot that I haven't given yet. Jon called his mom to send his MADA jersey so that he could maybe go help out ambulances up north. Maybe it's a little crazy and probably he'd never do it, but everyone is feeling a little crazy these days. Ben Bloch said if a full-out war broke out, he would go straight to the aliyah office. I would like to think I would do that if something big happened, but in reality, I would probably chicken out. And then when I think about it, I feel disgusted with myself. And this circle of thoughts goes on and on.

What really disgusts me is that France and Russia declared it unnecessary agression. It's nothing new, but I mean seriously. I'm not really sure what Israel can do to get approval, short of all the Jews committing suicide, but before that, cleaning up the country so that the Arabs can live there in comfort. Nothing will ever win Israel international approval and we should stop trying to appease people (the UN, the EU, the US, etc, etc.)

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